New Executive Director Announced

May 30, 2017

The Belvidere Township Park District retained the services of the Illinois Association of Park Districts to conduct an Executive Director search for the new Executive Director.  At the May 23, 2017 Belvidere Township Park District board meeting, the Board of Commissioners unanimously approved Mark Pentecost as their next Executive Director effective June 19, 2017.  He will be replacing Dan Roddewig who is retiring after 31 years.

Mark Pentecost came to the district in 2007 as the Superintendent of Parks and was promoted to the Superintendent of Operations in 2012.  Prior to joining the Belvidere Park Township Park District, he was with the Hanover Park Park District for seven years.  Mark has a bachelor’s degree in Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration from Western Illinois University.  Mark and his wife Laura moved to Poplar Grove in 2002 and reside there with their two children Payton and Parker.

Pentecost said “I have big shoes to fill and Dan has left a wide and beautiful path of growth and opportunity that has benefited Belvidere for 31 years.  I will do my best to care for this community as much as Dan has.  I will honor the works and progress of the past and the direction of our mission to continue the trajectory of growth and executing my duties with the betterment of this community always in sight.”

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