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It is the mission of Northlands Association for Special Recreation (NASR) at the Belvidere Park District to educate our citizens to become more responsible, productive, healthy, and contributing members of society by preparing them through recreation with a dynamic and caring environment, which excited and invites them all to participate.


The vision of NASR-Belvidere is to increase community awareness of the programs and services offered to individuals with disabilities throughout Boone County at the Belvidere Park District through meaningful leisure activities in the least restrictive environment.


The purpose of NASR is to work cooperatively with member districts (Belvidere, Freeport, and Rockford Park Districts) to offer high quality programs and services to the individuals in which we serve. NASR programs are open to any individual with a disability-related special need such as physical, mental, and developmental disabilities and persons with mental illness, behavior disorders, and visual or hearing impairments. Participation is not limited to NASR programming. Individuals are invited and encouraged to attend any park district program, while utilizing inclusion services.

Inclusion Opportunities

NASR understands that not every person with a disability requires NASR services. NASR and the Belvidere Park District invites people, of all ages, with disabilities to participate in programs throughout the Belvidere Park District seasonal program guides. NASR & the Belvidere Park District will work cooperatively to assist any resident who wishes to participate in a park district program. The park district will make reasonable accommodations and will work with the registrant, his or her family, and others to ensure a safe and enjoyable leisure experience. If you are interested in participating in a park district program, please contact the NASR-Belvidere office, 815-547-5711 x14. We will then support your participation through observations & assessments, in-service or staff training, and provide community leisure resources.


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