Preschool (2017-2018)



Belvidere Park District Preschool offers a warm and welcoming place where all children are encouraged to explore and develop at their own pace. We believe that children learn through play with opportunities to explore and experiment every day. Our focus is on the social, emotional, and intellectual growth through problem solving, large and fine motor skills, communication and language, and creativity. Caring teachers will encourage each child to try new things, meet new friends, and promote independence.  (TA)




Preschool Parent Meet & Greet

Come and meet you preschool teacher, drop off your supplies, and go on a scavenger hunt with your parent(s) around the classroom! (TA)

Date Time Day
8/30 4:30-6:30pm W


Preschool Options

Preschool (Ages 3-4)

This introductory preschool class will be exploring their colors, numbers, and letters through manipulative materials, arts & crafts, songs, and games. The focus will be on developing social skills such as sharing, following directions, and consideration of other’s feelings.  Basic kindergarten readiness skills will also be taught including listening, scissor and writing skills, and the beginning of alphabet and number recognition. (TA)

Code Dates Time Days
310096-01 9/5 – 5/10 9:00 – 11:30am TU/TH

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Pre-K Ages (4-5)

This program will build on the basic skills in preparation for kindergarten. Letter and number formation and recognition, writing skills, and building confidence will be the focus.  The topics of math, science, and art will continue to be built upon. (TA)

Code Dates Time Days
310096-03 9/6– 5/11 9:00 – 11:30am M/W/F

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Supply List                                                            Meet the Teachers

3’s Curriculum                                 4’s Curriculum                                   Pre-K Curriculum

ABC’s & 123’s of Preschool

-Preschool will follow the School District #100 calendar. Non-attendance days will apply.
-Children must be up to date on all immunizations before starting preschool.
-Children must be age appropriate by September 1, 2017.
-Children must be toilet trained.
-This site is a peanut free snack site.

Daily Schedule

Program Highlights

Circle Time


Centers-Craft/Letter of the Week
Free Play
Story time

Kindergarten Readiness Skills
Art Fair
Fieldtrip Experiences
Parent/Family Involvement
Holiday Parties & Special Events
End of the Year Portfolio
Pre-K Graduation Ceremony

 2017/2018 Preschool Registration

Registration packets for 2017-2018 Belvidere Park District Preschool are available at Rivers Edge
Recreation Center. To register, return the completed registration packet along with copy of a certified birth certificate and one month’s payment of preschool, which secures your child’s place and will be applied as your child’s May 2018 final payment.


At the time of registration one month’s payment, per child, is due. This non-refundable/non-transferable payment secures your child’s place in the program and will be applied as your child’s May 2018 payment. Payments can be made in full for the year with a 5% discount or made monthly, September through April. The yearly rate listed reflects this discount. The monthly payment is due the 2nd Monday of the month, starting September 11, 2017. Monthly payments will be applied to the following month. A $15 per week late fee applies after the due date.

Preschool (Ages 3-4)

Pre-K (Ages 4-5)

Yearly R/NR

Monthly R/NR

Yearly R/NR

Monthly R/NR

$1,008/$1,512 $112/$168 $1,260/$1,890 $140/$210



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