Adult Ice Hockey

hockey playerAdult Hockey League

Enjoy the allure of the NHL’s Winter Classic? Playing in the open air? We have the league for you!
Grab your buddies and your gear because there is hockey to be played at Riverside Ice Arena! (PK)

Location: Riverside Ice Arena                     Min/Max: 4/10

Registration Deadline: 1/1

Code Ages Fee Dates Time Day Registration Deadline
306370-01 Adult $250/team 1/6-3/3 6:00-8:00 pm SU 1/1
306370-02 Adult $40/individual 1/6-3/3 6:00-8:00 pm SU 1/1





Adult Broomball

Looking for a fun and exciting game but can’t skate? Try Broomball! Broomball is similar to hockey, played on ice with teams of six on six, but players wear rubbersoled shoes and helmets and use “brooms” and a ball instead of sticks and a puck. Whether you are young or old, broomball will sweep you away. League will begin in January and run through the beginning of March. (PK)

Location: Riverside Ice Arena

Min/Max: 6/9

Code Ages R/NR Fee Dates Time Day Registration Deadline
306371-01 Adult $26/$39 1/6-3/3 8:00-10:00 pm SU 1/1
 306371-02 Grade 6-8 $26/$39 1/8-3/5 6:00-7:00 pm TU 1/3
306371-03 High School $26/$39 1/9-3/6 7:00-8:00 pm W 1/4









Adult Roller Hockey League

Come join us for our new inline 3v3 hockey at the Riverside Arena. Registration is done by team. Teams consist of up to 7 players including goalies. Come and enjoy this fast paced games this summer! (PK)

Location: Riverside Arena                                         Min/Max: 4/12

Games: Evenings or weekends (will work with team’s schedule)

Code Ages Team Fee Dates Time Day Registration Deadline
212002-01 16+ $100 TBD
212002-02 16+ $20 for individual registration (to be put on teams)