Come swim with Willy & his friends!

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
June 18-22, June 25-27 July 9-13, July 16-18 July 23-27, July 30-Aug 1
Make Ups: June 28, 29 Make Ups: July 19, 20 Make Ups: Aug 2, 3

Resident Lesson Fee: $45 ($35 with Pool Pass)

Non-Resident Lesson Fee: $67 ($55 with Pool Pass)


Sea Turtles

(Ages 6-36 months w/ Parent)

This is a great opportunity for parents and their little turtle to enjoy the water together. The primary goal is to get young children more comfortable around the water, and to begin learning critical skills including floating and kicking on back, putting our faces in the water, and underwater exploration. Be ready to play games, sing songs, and blow bubbles!

Rainbow Fish

(Ages 3-4)

This class is designed to diffuse tension with lots of toys and games. Participants will learn supported floats and basic locomotion. Your child will also learn to feel safe in the water without parents. Some of the skills your little fish will learn in this level are supported floating and kicking on their front and back, alternate arm action, water safety rules and skills, and use of a lifejacket. The Rainbow Fish will be taught primarily in the wading pool with introduction to the large pool.

Star Fish

Star Fish is a class for your star to shine. In this class your star fish will learn to kick on their front and on their back without assistance, introduction to rhythmic breathing, begin to learn freestyle and backstroke, turning over from their front to back and back to front, and safety skills like reaching and extension assists.

Sea Horse

Sea Horse is a class that will bring all of the pieces together and begin to perfect their freestyle and backstroke. Students will also learn the fundamentals of elementary backstroke, jumping into deep water with a lifejacket, treading water, and practice safety and rescue skills. This level is sure to get your Sea Horse up and off to the races.


Dolphin is a class designed for swimmers who have mastered freestyle and backstroke basics and ready for more advanced strokes. Dolphin swimmers will be introduced to breaststroke, sidestroke, alternate breathing, dive from the side of the pool from stride and standing positions, open turns at the wall, and treading water.


Sting Ray

String Ray is a class designed for those swimmers who have mastered the skills taught in the previous levels and are looking for a challenge. Sting Ray swimmers will perfect the strokes they have previously learned and move on to the more advanced strokes of breaststroke and butterfly. These swimmers will be learning how to perform a flip turn, tread water, refine diving from the side of the pool, and water safety skills.


Shark is a class designed for those swimmers who have got the basics, but want to perfect and move on to more advanced skills. In this class, swimmers will refine any strokes that need attention, increase distance swim, incorporate turns with strokes, approach dives, treading water for an extended period of time, retrieving objects from deep water, and water safety skills.


Barracuda is a class designed get a swimmer ready for competitive swimming or a swimmer who wants to continue swimming on their own in the future for fitness. Create efficiency in all strokes, while using appropriate turns. Learn to use a pace clock and find their target heart rate. Swimmers will complete longer distances, learn how to read a swim workout, tweak their skills, and learn why swimming is such a great way to keep the body in shape. Enroll in this class as many times as you like. Instructor will focus on individual’s needs.