All About Lawn Rust

September 17, 2018










You may have noticed a rust dust on your shoes or pets feet while walking in the grass this time of year in the parks. The culprit is lawn rust.

Lawn rust is a fungus that grows on bluegrass or ryegrass. This fungus is mostly cosmetic, and will not harm your lawn. It appears on your lawn as orangish powder spores directly on the blades of your grass that comes off on shoes, clothing, lawn mowers, pets, and other items. Rust uses this transportation mode to spread to other areas of your lawn, furthering the progression of the fungi.

Lawn rust is a sign of slow growing, stressed lawns that are in trouble. Poor growth during the Summer is often due to a few factors such as improper watering, soil compaction, low nitrogen levels, and heat stress. Rust often appears in lawns at the end of Summer or the beginning of Fall due to the warm days and cool evenings with large amounts of dew.  

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