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William Grady Pool Swim Lessons in partnership with the Belvidere Family YMCA



Parent Information

Waterproofing kids may be impossible, but the Belvidere Family YMCA can help make them safer around water. Programs offer a mix of fun, physical activity and safety to create a lifelong love of swimming. We want to build strong swimmers and confident kids along  with having fun in the water.

The Belvidere YMCA has been teaching youth in the community for over 100 years and we greatly look forward to working with the Belvidere Park District to continue to ensure the community’s youth have fun, but that they are safe in and around water.

All swim lesson registration will be taken at Rivers Edge Rec Center (not the YMCA, nor the William Grady Pool). Swim lesson registration deadline is the Wednesday prior to the session at Noon.


Fees: $45 resident; $60 non-resident • Max of 12 children per class 




Water Discovery 6 months to 3 years old • 5:30-6pm

Introduce your infant or toddler to the aquatic environment. Mom, Dad or Grandparents come enjoy the water with your child(ren). Children are required to wear swim diapers.

Pre Water – 3 to 5 years old

PRE WATER 1: 4-4:30PM  We want your child to become comfortable in and around the water with water exploration and introduction to basic self-rescue skills. Skills we work on are assisted front and back glides, jumps, push, turn and grab, also rolls and water exits.

PRE WATER 2: 4:30-5PM  Child must be comfortable in the water and be able to swim 5 feet with a swim aid but unassisted by an instructor. We continue working on forward movement in the water and basic self-rescue skills. New skills learned are: independently doing front and back glides and front and back floats.

PRE WATER 3: 5-5:30PM  Child must be able to swim 10 feet and wearing a single bubble or no bubble. We will work on developing intermediate self-rescue skills and swimming longer distances. Skills we will add are: front and back crawl, roll, tread water for 30 seconds, swim float and swim for 15 yards.

PRE WATER 4: 5:30-6PM  Introduction to basic stroke technique in front crawl, back crawl and reinforces water safety through treading water and elementary backstroke.

Progressive Swimmers Ages 6 to 14 years old

WATER 1 (New Swimmers): 4:30-5PM  We will work on becoming comfortable in and around the water. Introduce basic self-rescue skills. Skills learned are: submerge get face wet, front and back glides, front and back floats.

WATER 2: 4-4:30PM  Must be comfortable in the water, can swim unassisted for 20 feet. We continue with skills from Water I by encouraging forward movement on their own in the water and basic self-rescue skills. Skills learned in this level are done independently.

WATER 3: 5-5:30PM  Must be able to swim 20 yards unassisted. We will work on developing intermediate self-rescue, skills performed for longer distances. Skills worked on in this level: front and back crawl, roll, treading water for 1 minute and exit independently, swim 25 yards on front and back with correct technique.

Stroke Development Ages 6 and up • 5:30-6pm

Must be able to swim 25 yards, doing front crawl and back stroke. We continue working on front and back crawl and reinforce water safety through treading water. Skills worked on in this level: endurance – all strokes- 50 yards, perfecting front and back crawl, learn survival floating, breaststroke/butterfly kicks, treading water for 2 minutes. We will also refine stroke technique for all major competitive strokes, and learn sidestroke and review all other safety skills that have been taught. Conditioning is a big part of these levels and it also encourages swimming as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Session 1  June 6-9 & June 13-16

Code                 Level                                       Time

211900-01      PS Water Discovery               5:30-6pm

211901-01      Pre Water 1                             4-4:30pm

211902-01      Pre Water 2                            4:30-5pm

211903-01      Pre Water 3                            5-5:30pm

211904-01      Pre Water 4                            5:30-6pm

211905-01      Progressive Water 1              4-4:30pm

211906-01      Progressive Water 2              4:30-5pm

211907-01      Progressive Water 3              5-5:30pm

211908-01      Stroke Development             5:30-6pm

Make up dates: Week of June 20

Session 2  June 27-30 & July 5-8

Code                 Level                                     Time

211900-02      PS Water Discovery             5:30-6pm

211901-02      Pre Water 1                            4-4:30pm

211902-02      Pre Water 2                            4:30-5pm

211903-02      Pre Water 3                            5-5:30pm

211904-02      Pre Water 4                            5:30-6pm

211905-02      Progressive Water 1              4-4:30pm

211906-02      Progressive Water 2              4:30-5pm

211907-02      Progressive Water 3              5-5:30pm

211908-02      Stroke Development             5:30-6pm

Make up dates: Week of July 11


Session 3  July 18-21 & July 25-28

Code                 Level                                       Time

211900-03      PS Water Discovery               5:30-6pm

211901-03      Pre Water 1                              4-4:30pm

211902-03      Pre Water 2                             4:30-5pm

211903-03      Pre Water 3                             5-5:30pm

211904-03      Pre Water 4                             5:30-6pm

211905-03      Progressive Water 1              4-4:30pm

211906-03      Progressive Water 2              4:30-5pm

211907-03      Progressive Water 3              5-5:30pm

211908-03      Stroke Development             5:30-6pm

Make up dates: Week of August 1


Inclusion Services

The Belvidere Park District invites people of all ages with disabilities to participate in the swim lesson program. Special recreation staff will work cooperatively to assist any resident who wishes to participate through reasonable accommodations. For more information, please contact Katie Humphrey, Special Recreation Supervisor at 815-547-5711 x14 or In order to utilize the inclusion services, requests must be made a minimum of 2 weeks before the class begins.



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