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Board approves new non-resident fee policy

August 9, 2018

On June 12, 2018, the Belvidere Township Park District Board approved a new non-resident fee policy. Individuals residing outside of the Belvidere Park District boundaries are required to pay the non-resident fees. The districts old policy was non-residents fee would be 50% higher than the resident fee.

This revision would help make us more competitive in attaining more program registration and participation in our programs. Residents living within the Belvidere Township Park District boundaries receive a discounted fee on programs from what non-residents would pay for programs. Non-residents may register for programs for a fee that is 50% higher than the resident fee or $15 over the resident fee, whichever is the smaller amount. (Any program fee up to $30, a non-resident would pay 50% higher. Any program fee over $30, a non-resident would pay no more than $15 higher.)

For example:

Program Non-Resident Fee Resident Fee  
Arts in the Park $22.50 $15 50%
Schools Out Camp $37.50 $25 50%
Intro to Tae Kwon Do $65 $50 $15
Youth Soccer Leagues $59 $44 $15
Preschool Monthly $132 $117 $15
Preschool Yearly $1015 $1000 $15
Summer Camp Week 2 $160 $145 $15


Exceptions to the non-resident fee policy would be:

NASR programs, 3rd Base After School Care, facility/shelter rentals, field rentals, contracted trips, adult athletic team league fees, tournaments and daily admissions.

The District will also be discontinuing the annual non-resident membership policy due to lack of participation and the exploitation of registration deadlines.


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